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Welcome to our favorite camp memories forum! Share a story and a photo of your favorite camp memory in the comments below. We can't wait to see all of the fun stories you have to share!

17 Thoughts on “Favorite Camp Memory (Forum)”

  • My favorite camp memory was seeing the sloths… I loved it so much! They are my spirt animal! I’m so lucky I got too meet them 3 times and I’m hoping to make it a 4th! I was in Colorado cabin ad it was amazing.. hope everyone is safe an DV doing well and I hope to see everyone at camp!

    • Oh absolutely! I love Camp Out: Foil packs, sleeping under the stars, night sounds, S’MORES! So good!

  • My favorite was hanging out with friends on the hammocks! In 2019 I was in Oklahoma and had a blast with all my Oklahomies.

  • My favorite camp memories are ALL OF THEM!! But, if I had to choose one, I would probably have to say the nights spent in my adopted cabin with all of my wonderful campers, or maybe days in the ASIT lounge with all of my fellow ASITs and leaders. (or maybe foil packs- those are a close second 😉 )

  • My favorite memory so far is a collective bunch. In the girl’s cabin right before bed there is always a whole bunch of craziness and nonsense. Like when we played hide and seek and I hid inside of my trunk.

  • My favorite camp memory is when my friend went off the trail and then fell! not hard, but it was still a funny moment/memory

  • My favorite memory was my first stayover, and we went to the glade!! The glade was beautiful and I hope every camper can see it one day.

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