We don’t recommend visiting a camper during their week. Many times this can be disruptive to their progression, growth and schedule. However, we will never tell a parent that they can’t see their child! Parents who have children staying for multiple weeks are welcome to visit camp on the Saturday or Sunday between a week. During a camper week, no visitors may go beyond the camp’s office. Parents who are visiting campers should arrive at the office starting at 9 am. They may choose to stay and visit with the camper(s) in the office, or take them to lunch or an activity. We ask that campers be returned to camp prior to evening activity at 7:30 pm.
Please set up visits and off-camp trips in advance with our office manager by calling 573-458-2125 or emailing office@cubcreeksciencecamp.com. If you are taking your camper off property and it’s not the end of their session, they must be signed in and out at the office.

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