We notice and appreciate the growth in campers over their time here to know that as they grow here they show new skills and abilities. We believe that the most important sign for “if someone is ready to be an ASIT” is less about the “hard skills” they have and more about them be WILLING and ABLE to step out of their comfort zone to help make another camper’s experience at camp better. ASITs should be RESPONSIBLE, DEPENDABLE, and TRUSTWORTHY. Not only do ASITs have to complete the tasks given to them in their assisting duties, but they are should be trusted to do the right thing on their daily breaks. We can help train ASITs in communication skills, working with animals, and assisting in classes and cabins. But we cannot “train” trust, dependability, or responsibility. We think that in determining whether or not you/your camper is ready consider this: When everyone else is doing something the wrong way or breaking the rules, and you/they know there is a right way or the proper rules, are you/they the one who will do what is right or do what everyone else is doing?

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