All applicants to Cub Creek Science Camp must complete an application. This requires reference checks, past employment, and information about them. Selected applicants whose references have been checked, will interview with a member of our Director’s team. We try to conduct all interviews via video chat or in-person. Once hired, a clean background check must be completed on our end before a staff member begins their mandatory two-week staff training. Prior to camp, all staff are required to watch and be quizzed on training videos provided to our team via a “Expert Online Training”, a company devoted to preparing staff for summer camp with training tools in video format. Lastly, before working with us during the summer, all summer camp staff must train with us during our in-person staff training at Cub Creek. This two-week time period allows for us to get to know the members on our team personally to make sure they are the right fit for camp. They are given the opportunity to learn camper’s structure, goals, and expectations prior to working with us for the following 10 weeks of camp.

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