Information on our staff requirements and hiring can be found in the “Join Our Team” section of our website. As a former camper parent who is about to transition into a “staff parent” here are the things you need to know. When your camper transitions into a paid position here at camp, our communications will also transition into being solely with them. We cannot discuss hiring, payment, or any other “job related” information with you. This will be difficult- for both of us! But we want to 1. Encourage a mature and professional relationship with camp so that our staff understand this new boundary 2. Make sure that our staff understand expectations and their work information as we need it communicated from us directly to them. All hired and paid staff must be high-school graduates- no exceptions. All staff must apply online, do an interview, and pass a background check. If your child is interested in working at camp, PLEASE do not reach out on their behalf. Encourage them to send us an email, call, or chat with us on the website. Before inquiring, please make sure to read all the information posted on the website.

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