Every camper is required to have paperwork on file for them prior to attending camp. This includes:
Medical History. This outlines a camper’s medical past and present including mental and emotional history.
Medication Form signed by a Physician. * For campers taking ANY medications, supplements, or vitamins on a schedule while at camp, they need our medical form signed by their doctor prior to their arrival at camp. For medications that are as needed (inhalers, epipens, OTC or prescribed) we do not need a physician signature. This is ONLY for campers who are needing a scheduled and regular/daily administration of a medication, supplement, or vitamins by our Nurse/Health team.
Authorization and Consent. This form outlines expectations and mutual agreements between you and camp.
Immunization History. You will upload a record of your child’s vaccination records. In the case that they are not vaccinated, you will upload a letter saying that you have chosen to not vaccinate and saying that you understand/assume possible risks.
Proof of Insurance. You will upload a copy of the insurance card, front and back.
Transportation Plans. All families will tell us how they are planning to get their camper to and from camp.
All of this paperwork is now handled online through our Camp Database , Campwise.

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