Campers who have allergies or dietary restrictions should be aware of their own restrictions, however, that is no problem for us! In the case of allergies: All allergies should be listed and notated in a camper’s medical information paperwork. Campers who have inhalers or epi-pens will carry them with them in their camp name tag. This will allow for them to have easy access to them at any time. For allergies that require an as needed medication, campers are able to visit the nurse at any time, even outside of med passing times, to get the medications they need. All allergies, no matter the kind, are specified with a sticker on a camper’s name tag. In the case that a camper has an allergy to a particular food item, the Nurse, and all camp staff are made aware, and can help a camper keep track of any allergens in the meal options. Campers have access to ingredient boxes and can always ask the kitchen staff and directors for clarifications. We take special precautions for nut allergies, that includes keeping the peanut butter at ONE location in the dining area. Peanut butter jars never come to a cabin’s table or to any other spot than the PB&J table. We, also, do not use communal cleaning rags to clean up any peanut butter as to not spread the oils. For dietary restrictions/needs, families have several options. Parents may opt to send their campers to camp with their meals. In this case, a special refrigerator in the kitchen with access ONLY made by campers with food in that refrigerator, the kitchen staff and lead of the kitchen. This can be anything from special milks, vegetarian/vegan substitutes, etc. Campers also have the option to purchase vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy free items from the dining hall’s gift shop attached and accessible from the main dining area.

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