Parent Reminders

This handy section has been created just for the parents of our campers. We have tried to put everything you will need in one place. If you can’t find it here, give us a call. We are always happy to help.

Packing List

Every camp is slightly different in what they allow and don’t allow at camp. Why take any chances? Take a peek and pack everything your child will need while at camp.

Camp Paperwork

Completing your child’s camp paperwork and making your final payment on time is a huge help to us! Paperwork is especially important in helping your child’s cabin counselors feel and be prepared.

Flight Information

If you are planning to fly your child to camp or fly them home after their session, please be sure to read up on the best times to fly to camp and our fees. Note: Camp arrival times differ between Cub Creek Campers and for ASITs (our teen leadership program).

Email My Camper

Daily emails (Bunknotes) are an anticipated part of many campers camp experience. We encourage campers to save their Bunknotes and put them inside their name pouch on the last day, as a kind of time capsule.

Camp Photos

Our photographers work hard to take and upload hundreds of pictures every day to our Bunk1 photo gallery. Check out their awesome work and look for your camper having a good time!

Lost & Found

If your child didn’t make it home with everything that they came to camp with, fill out our Lost and Found Form to see if we still have it camp! We can arrange for you to pick it up or have it mailed.

Parent Reminders - ASIT helping move luggage on check in day - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

Care Packages

Want to send your camper a special surprise? Click here to select a unique care package and have it delivered on the day of your choosing.

Directions to Camp

Camp is easy to access from all major surrounding cities. We have written directions for you to follow or use the embedded Google Map!

Camp Insurance

Camp Tuition Insurance is highly recommended to help protect your investment in your child’s tuition cost. Check out your available plans including "Cancel For Any Reason" options.