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We're excited you're here! We look forward to getting to know you and working with you this summer! Below you will find the application for summer staff.

Before Applying For A Position:

* Read our Camp Owners' Statement of Faith and Religious Purpose


* Read the Job Decriptions of your interested position.

(See all Camp, Volunteer, and Intern Positions Decribed Below)

* We are still hiring for the remaining of the summer through August 14th, 2022.

We do offer full and partial summer positions, but preference is given to those able to work the remaining of the summer.
If you have not yet attended college, write expected college or (n/a).
If you have not yet attended college, write expected graduation date or (n/a).

Thank you! This is the first step in camp's summer application process. You will be getting an email from us with next steps shortly. If you don't get a confirmation email within 1-2 days, please send an email to

Dates to Remember

In-Person Staff Training when you arrive on site
Summer Camp Dates: present to August 14, 2022
We even have fall internship for staff who want to stay on in the fall

If you experience any trouble, give us a call! (573) 458-2125