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Build skills while having fun!

Our fantastic summer camp activities and programs are really what set us apart. We're proud of our dedicated staff, incredible facility, and diverse camper family, but our collection activities just cannot be found anywhere else! While being an animal camp and a science camp, we also have programs for campers whose main love is not animals or science. We offer a 6-element high-ropes course, lessons in survival skills, culinary classes, a huge variety of craft activities, hiking trails, fishing ponds, and both archery and riflery ranges. Even campers who stay with us all 10 weeks of our summer, still don't have enough time to take all the classes that camp has to offer!

At Cub Creek Science Camp, we value the growth of our participants. Many of our campers have grown up attending Cub Creek Science Camp every summer, and when they reach their teen years, they look forward to becoming a part of our leadership program. Our Leaders in Training (LIT) and Animal Specialist in Training (ASIT) programs provide a progression from camper to leader, with more privileges, responsibility, self esteem and confidence with every year.

Finally, the Gap Year program is our final offering for campers who have aged out of Cub Creek and the ACJ program. This unique residential program is designed to fill the space between high school and college for a young adult looking to gain some skills and experience. At a time when many young people are trying to find their path in life, we hope to give them the readiness and skills to build a resume' and conquer their goals!

Take some time to explore the pages below. There's lots to see and we are eager to share with you about all of our programs and activities!

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