Meet Our Invertebrates - Millipede - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp


Invertebrates comprise 95% of all animal species. Our Creepy Crawly Critter Room offers a place for the temporary housing of many invertebrates that campers find around camp as well as those that are a permanent part of our camp family. This room is home to a wide variety of insects, spiders and other invertebrates. Special classes are held to introduce campers to this amazing group of animals, and to give them the opportunity to get up close and even hold animals that they may have never paid much attention to in the past.

Pink Toe Tarantula

Cub Creek Science Camp is home to more than 300 animals! With over 100 species of animals, our private zoo is an animal lovers paradise! Click the button below to explore the Mammals, Birds, Reptiles & Amphibians, and Invertebrates of camp.