Current Openings

Welcome to our Current Openings page! On this page you will find a list of available positions for Summer Camp Staff and Fall/Spring Animal Internships. To read more about the postions you are hoping to apply for, please click on the corresponding links below. Before applying, make sure to also read camp's basic qualifications and expectations.

Available Summer Positions

We are currently hiring to fill positions for our Summer 2022 season. We have three types of positions that we hire for, each one is vital to a successful summer season. Our greatest need is for staff who want to work directly with our campers, being a mentor, role model, teacher and friend.

Below is our available summer positions. At Cub Creek, our summer camp counselors are also instructors, ropes course facilitators, lifeguards, and assist in areas around camp. When you apply, you will find a space in the application to mark areas of interest to you. Please know that positions like Animal Specialist, Photographers, ASIT Leaders, Village Leaders, etc are positions typically reserved and offered to returning staff members.

In- Cabin Positions

At Cub Creek, we want all of our camp staff team to have an understanding of "cabin life". No one understands that more than a counselor. That is why most staff in their first year of camp work as a cabin counselor. Cabin counselors are housed in one of our 15 camper cabins. Our cabins are divided into two villages (the southern village and the western village). Campers and staff are divided into cabin groups based on their biological sex. Cabin groups are further divided by age and cabin requests. Girls are typically housed in the western village and boys in the southern village.

Cabin Counselor

Should work cooperatively with fellow Cabin Counselors to provide a healthy, safe and enjoyable camp environment and experience for all campers. Responsible for ensuring that your campers are on time to activities, that your cabin is kept clean, camp rules are followed, and that your campers are kept informed of the camp schedule and choices that are available. Should be prepared to provide guidance and emotional support for campers as needed. Responsible for completing weekly paperwork documenting camper interactions and camp involvement. Each counselor is also an Instructor for camp activities. To see our full list of possible instruction positions, see Activity Periods. Depending on skill level, a counselor/instructor can possibly teach up to 4 periods each day. All our instructors are trained at camp during staff training and require no previous experience. In-cabin position, anyone can apply.

ASIT Leader

Responsible for the health, safety and growth of camp's ASITs. The ASIT Leaders are the cabin counselors for our camp's leadership campers, the ASITs. They are responsible for the training, leading, and growth of our ASITs including: joining them during their required animal area morning rounds; scheduling them to help in camp activities in alignment with both their preferences and camp's needs; guiding them in assiting with their assigned "adopted cabins"; and modeling proper behavior as it aligns with camp's conduct expectations. They are also responsible for completing weekly paperwork documenting ASIT interactions, involvement, and success. ASIT Leaders are also Instructors for camp activities in conjunction with being supervisors for their ASITs while they assist in activities. ASIT Leaders work in a close team of 3 and ASITs have a schedule that works independently of the general campers' schedule. ASITs require counselors whose focus is aligned with the direction of their personal growth as an individual and leader. ASIT Leaders are not required to be returning staff, but it is preferred as this role requires an understanding of Cub Creek and the ASIT Program. Read more about the ASIT Program HERE . In-cabin position, returning staff preffered, but anyone can apply.

Additional Jobs for In-Cabin Positions

The following jobs are ways for cabin counselors/ASIT Leaders and yield an additional amount of money on their final camp salary. (Only available to in-cabin staff.)

Data Entry Coordinator

Responsible for ensuring that camp/camper paperwork is digitally uploaded each week. The Data Entry Coordinator for each cabin is tasked with making sure that all paperwork that is filled out for their cabin is typed and entered into our Camp Database. This person is not required to enter the data, but is responsible for assigning someone to enter the data and making sure it is done completely and properly.

Cabin Log Coordinator

Responsible for ensuring that their cabin's daily + weekly paperwork is completed and turned in on time. Each cabin has a packet of paperwork for the week that is filled out daily and turned in at the end of a session at our Saturday morning meeting. The Cabin Log Coordinator is responsible for making sure that their cabin's paperwork is filled out in completion and to the standard of camp as discussed in our camp staff training.

Weekend Cabin Preperation

Responsible for ensuring that your assigned cabin has completed all required cleaning after camper check-out. At the end of a session, all camp cabins are expected to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for a new session of campers. This includes but is not limited to laundering the sheets and fitting them back to their beds when finished, mopping the cabin, cleaning bathrooms, taking out all trash, and making sure that all lost and found is removed from the cabin. The Weekend Cabin Prep should assume responsibility for making this all happens and does not begin time-off until they have been "checked-out" by a member of Leadership.

In or Out-of-Cabin Positions

The following positions can be preformed as stand alone positions or along side the duties of a cabin counselor. These positions are not "Instructors" and can be filled by first year staff or returning staff.

Health Lodge Assistant

Aids the Nurse with the health and safety of our campers. The Health Lodge Assistant assists the Camp Nurse and/or the Health Lodge Lead in their daily tasks which include administration of camp medication to campers, logging the intake of campers for 'treatment', and being available for immediate help in cases of injuries. The Health Lodge Assistant will never be asked and should never make diagnoses and instead refers to the guidance of the Health Lodge Lead or Camp Nurse for all injuries or illness. In addition to, In-cabin or Out-of-cabin position, anyone may apply.

Office Assistant

Hired for 2022! Assists with the answering of phones, data entry and errands as needed. The Office Assistant should be confident in communicating with our camp parents and in answering questions about camp. This position should be familiar and proficient in programs like Microsoft Word and Excel and should be open to and capable of learning other programs that may be required to assist in the camp office. An Office Assistant should have organizational skills, be able to retain information, be able to take constructive feedback, and be a quick and willing learner. This position requires a lot interaction with people both in-person and over the phone/email- a positive and helpful disposition is highly preferred. While previous knowledge of our camp is helpful, it is not required. Anyone may apply.

Transportation Assistant

Coordinates the proper transporting of all Cub Creek campers to and from the St Louis airport. This postition requires someone with time management skills, the ability to problem solve, and preferably experience with airports. The Lead Transportation will be responsible for assigning and organizing staff in coordination with the pick up/drop off information submitted for campers' flights. Transportation assistant will be responsible for following the lead's direction and communicating with them. Transportation assistants are responsible for chaperoning campers to and from the airport. In or Out-of-cabin position, job is not "full-time" and is done in addition to another position, returning staff may apply.

Camp Store Assistant

Hired for 2022! Assigned with assisting in the camp store or gift shop to stock, clean and perform customer sales. An assistant will be trained by the Camp Store Manager to understand the basics of inventory and keeping track of sales in the store. Assistants should have attention to detail and care about the integrity of the products in the store and stock room. In additon to an In-cabin or Out-of-cabin position, anyone may apply.


Responsible for taking photos for all camp activities. Our photography team is responsible for taking pictures, posting them to a secure site for parents to view daily, and at the end of the week, making a photo flash drive that contains all the pictures taken. Photographers also write a daily newsletter for parents and assist our Creative Director in marketing adoptable animals. At Cub Creek, extensive knowledge of how to use a camera (DSLR) or owning a personal camera is not required. However, photographers need to be open to constructive criticism and feedback and should be prepared to learn basic techiniques.They should also be comfortable taking pictures of people perdominantly in candid situations and posed when needed. Returning staff preferred, but anyone may apply.

Kitchen / Support Staff

Hired for 2022! Will assist with the preparation, serving and clean up of all meals served at Cub Creek. All staff working in the kitchen will assist with the preperation of camp meals and monitoring the buffets lines during meal times. Kitchen staff are focused on maintaining the cleanliness standards throughout the dining hall and kitchen, while preparing good tasting meals, on time, with as little food waste as possible. Kitchen staff assist with the unloading and stocking of incoming food deliveries and should be able to lift 40 lbs and stand for hours at a time. Kitchen staff should be able to work in a team and be open to learning. This position can be combined with our support staff and even a cabin counselor role in order to provide more exposure to camp life, learning and teaching opportunities. Anyone may apply.

Returning Staff Positions

The following positions are reserved for returning Cub Creek staff. These positions sometimes require an extensive knowledge of our camp and are based on previous experience working as a Cub Creek cabin counselor. Most of these positions are also considered to be a "Leadership" position requiring you to lead others in specific tasks. In the event that any of these positions are left unfilled by returning staff, they may be offered to first year camp staff.

Village Leader

Responsible for the supervision and support of Cabin Counselors. One of their main focuses is to guide counselors in their daily job to make a successful summer camp experience for their campers. Village Leaders should be able to provide positive constructive feedback, have skills in problem solving, know and follow rules of camp and be able to enforce them, and be able to manage their own schedule. Village leaders are also the main schedulers here at camp; they organize the camp activity schedule including assigning counselors to their weekly activities and signing campers up for their camp classes. Out-of-cabin position, returning staff can apply.

Lead Photographer

HIRED FOR 2022 Responsible for heading the camp photo team. The Lead Photographer should be able to give constructive feedback as it relates to their team's photos and should also hold the team accountable on their work ethic, responsibilites, and goals. The Lead takes pictures along with their team and trains photographers, supervises team, and delegates and/or assists with all photographer tasks. The Lead Photographer is not required to own a personal camera, however they should have experience with a DSLR camera. This position requires the ability to work in a team, complete tasks in an efficient yet quick manner, have comfort with taking pitcures of people, and flexibility. The ability to recall names and faces is a bonus. Out-of-cabin position, returning staff may apply.

First Time Camper Coordinator

Oversees the camp experience for all first time campers at Cub Creek. The First Time Camper Coordinator is responsible for meeting all new/first time campers of Cub Creek and be aware of their individual camp experience. The FTCC greets families during check-in and will continue to serve as the contact person for all first time parents if they have questions or concerns during their child’s time at camp. The First Time Camper Coordinator should have patience and an ability to handle homesickness, have proper time management, and stay organized. Out-of-cabin position, returning staff may apply.

Lead Animal Specialist

Hired for 2022! Provides supervision and protective oversight for all animals, animal instructors, animal specialist, and animal realted programs offered at Cub Creek. The Lead in the Animal Area should be able to speak on the health and well-being of all of the Ranch's animals at all times. This includes staying informed about all or any animal births or injuries, changes in dietary needs, changes in mood/behavior, etc. This position requires an attention to detail that allows them to notice minor or significant changes in the state of any of camp's 300 animals. The Lead Animal Specialist supervises all Animal Specialists and over sees the ASITs and ASIT Leaders in all animal related programs. Out-of-cabin position, returning staff may apply.

Animal Specialist

Hired for 2022! Responsible with the care of all animals at Bear River Ranch. Animal Specialists ensure strict adherence to the animal care standards of Cub Creek for the specific animal area in which they are assigned. This includes, but is not limited to, the proper feeding of the animals in your care, meeting the needs of safety procedures in habitat, care, and handling, and overseeing interactions between animals and staff/campers. This role also is tasked with making sure that all activities taught within their assigned animal area are taught according to Cub Creek's standards. In or Out-of-cabin position, returning staff may apply.

Lead Transportation

Hired for 2022! Coordinates the proper transporting of all Cub Creek campers to and from the St Louis airport. This postition requires someone with time management skills, the ability to problem solve, and experience with delegating tasks. The Lead Transportation is responsible for assigning and organizing staff in coordination with the pick up/drop off information submitted for campers' flights. The Lead will also train their transportation staff to ensure that we have an adequately trained team to assist as chaperones to and from the airport. In or Out-of-cabin position, job is not "full-time" and is done in addition to another position, returning staff may apply.

Specialized Positions

The following positions required experience in the field they are in.

Camp Nurse

HIRED FOR 2022 Provides the proper assessment and treatment of illness or injury of campers and staff following our Doctor's standard orders. The Cub Creek Nurse is responsible for the proper medication distribution to campers/staff during our scheduled medication times and according to the policies of camp. The Nurse provides preventative practices to prevent potential illness and injury of our campers and staff. Daily they should review the MAR and Log Books to ensure medication passes, health lodge visits, and treatments are following Cub Creek's standards. The Nurse will communicate and work closely with camp's Director to keep the team updated on the wellness of camp and our campers. If needed, the Nurse will refer campers to our preferred clinic and Doctor in town. Only eligible applicants may apply.

Kitchen Manager

HIRED FOR 2022 Responsible for providing meals for all camp participants and maintaining the camp dining hall. The Kitchen Manager is responsible for training their kithcen staff in the preparation of our camp meals, safe practices while working in a kitchen, and proper food handling. The Manager will work at the direction of camp's Director and works in accordance with camp's schedule and standards. The Kitchen Manager is expected to work/supervise all meals being served to campers during a session to ensure proper preparation, serving and clean up of all meals served at Cub Creek. This position should ensure the cleanliness standards are maintained throughout the dining hall and kitchen and that all food supplies are properly stored and labeled according to camp's standards. Only eligible applicants may apply.

Available Animal Internships

Bear River Ranch offers unique and rewarding internship experiences for students and recent graduates as Animal Interns! If you wish to spend a semester learning and practicing animal husbandry skills while gaining valuable experience to build your resume, this may be the perfect opportunity! Read more about Animal and other Internship Opportunities here.

Fall Internships - August to December

Spring Internships - January to May

Summer Internships - March to August

** Previous experience is not required, but is preferred.

Available Volunteer Positions

Bear River Ranch appreciates the help of volunteers to assist us with the feeding and socialization of our animals. Our volunteers work alongside our professional staff to provide care, enrichment and socialization to over 100 species of domestic and exotic animals. Volunteers positions are available during our "off-season" months (not available during our summer camp months of May to August). If you would like to read more about Volunteering with us, click here click here.

Part-time Volunteer - Minimum 4 hours a week

Full-time Volunteer - Minimum 8 hours a week

* Previous experience is not required, but is preferred. We do not have Volunteer opoortunities during the Summer.

Available Full - Time Positions

We do not have any current openings for full-time staff. If you are curious about any possible full time positions at Cub Creek, we will post those on Indeed or announce the opening on Facebook.