Meet Our Animals

At Cub Creek Science Camp, we grow knowledge, understanding and compassion for animals, through up close and personal interactions. We believe that a love of animals, can grow into a love for nature. And that love of nature can grow into a love for the habitats that support these animals in the wild. It is our hope that this love will ultimately lead to a desire to take care of the environment. Taking care of the environment benefits all life on the planet. And it all starts with a personal interaction with an amazing animal.

Cub Creek Science Camp is home to more than 300 animals! With over 100 species of animals, our private zoo is an animal lovers paradise!

At camp, you can do so much more than just look at the animals. We offer hands on animal encounters. And more opportunities to get up close, feed, touch and even hold animals than any place else. Imagine feeding a grape to a lemur or a banana to a sloth. What about petting a porcupine or taking a llama for a walk? You can hold a 7 foot snake, prickly hedgehog or a baby wallaby resting in a fabric pouch! All of our animals are friendly, and are used to frequent visitors and handling. Many of our animals have been raised by our campers during past summers. Our "Adopt an Animal" program, gives camper the chance to "adopt" and care for their favorite animal during their time at camp.

So, take some time to meet our animals. Let us introduce you to our animal family by clicking the links below.

With so many animals, we’ve broken them down into four groups, for easier navigation. Explore the Mammals, Birds, Reptiles & Amphibians, and Invertebrates of camp.

Meet Our Mammals - Azizah - geoffroy's cat - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp


Meet Our Birds - Peacock - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp


Reptiles - Leopard Gecko - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

Reptiles & Amphibians

Meet Our Reptiles and Invertebrates - Walking stick - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

Invertebrates & More