International Campers

Every summer we have campers attend Cub Creek Science Camp from all over the world. Most are picked up at the St. Louis International Airport by our staff. Some, come early to the United States to visit with friends or family before camp, and have these friends bring them to camp on the scheduled arrival day. Regardless of how they get to us, we love having international campers, just as much as we love our international staff.

International Campers - Campers walking Alpaca - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp
International Campers - Camper building shelter in survival skills - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

China Advisor: Xu Zhang

Xu Zhang has been working with Cub Creek Science Camp for the past four summers. She is available to talk through WeChat or email and is happy to answer any question you may have about sending your child from China to Cub Creek Science Camp for the summer. There is no cost to you to use this service. 如果您有任何有关夏令营课程或报名手续,签证等问题,请咨询我们的中国夏令营招生代表张旭女士。张旭女士是Cub Creek Science Camp 驻中国唯一指定招生顾问,免费为您提供有关夏令营咨询。 微信咨询请加:0015737460229 Qq咨询请加:418615266 (请注明夏令营咨询) 电邮 手机:13509611593(请先发信息预约电话咨询时间)