Dates & Rates

Our 2024 session dates, rates, and session availability are coming soon! Please scroll to the bottom of the page for assistance to any questions!

Green - Open Availability

Yellow - Filling Fast

Orange - Nearly Full

Black - CLOSED & Waitlist Only

2024 Session Availability, Dates and Tuition Cost

Session Dates Tuition Boys 7-11 Years Old Boys 12-17 Years Old Girls 7-11 Years Old Girls 12-17 Years Old
Week 1
June 2nd 2024 - June 8th 2024 $1290
Week 2
June 9th 2024 - June 15th 2024 $1290
Week 3
June 16th 2024 - June 22nd 2024 $1290
Week 4
June 23rd 2024 - June 29th 2024 $1290
Week 5
June 30th 2024 - July 6th 2024 $1290
Week 6
July 7th 2024 - July 13th 2024 $1290
Week 7
July 14th 2024 - July 20th 2024 $1290
Week 8
July 21st 2024 - July 27th 2024 $1290
Week 9
July 28th 2024 - August 3rd 2024 $1290
Week 10
August 4th 2024 - August 10th 2024 $1290

*A non-refundable deposit of $100 per week is required with each registration. We cannot hold a space without this deposit.

*All weekends between sessions for campers staying more than one week, have a weekend fee of $150.

Frequently Asked Questions

Session Availability - What do the colored dots mean?

Knowing when to register can be a challenge, so we have tried to simplify things. On the chart above, we use colored dots to let you know how close a session is to being full.

A GREEN DOT means that the session/grouping still has plenty of room. So, call your friends, plan your schedules and make arrangement for everyone to come at the same time.

A YELLOW DOT means that spaces are filling for that session, but there is room. So, don't dilly dally, register soon.

A ORANGE DOT means that there are MINIMAL spaces left in that session for that age group. Orange also means that the these could be the LAST spaces. If you want that session, register right away!

A BLACK DOT tells you that a session is full and that it is waitlist only. It is common, however, for spaces in a closed session to open. As registered campers move from one session to another, a space will open, and we will move someone from the waiting list.

*A non-refundable deposit of $100 per week is required with each registration. We cannot hold a space without this deposit.

Have a Returning Camper? Login to your CampWise account and add your weeks at any time. New Families can click on the yellow REGISTER box in the top left of this page, or give us a call, and we can take your registration over the phone. As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call. Or, send us a message, and we are happy to get back to you with an answer.

What is included in the Cost of Camp?

Tuition costs include housing, meals for each day of camp and access to all our activities. When you register for Cub Creek, tuition covers our amazing camp experience, but it also accounts for our modern cabins with air-conditioning, multiple in-cabin bathrooms, up to 4 staff per cabin, and spacious bunks rooms.

Can I reserve a space without a deposit?

No. In order to hold a space for a camper a deposit is required. Paying a deposit also means that you are agreeing to pay for camp in full by April 1 (or another agreed upon deadline) and you are not eligible for scholarships or tuition discounts.

How many spaces are left if there is yellow/red/black dot in the session I want?

Short answer- online we can't give specific numbers! Once a dot changes to yellow, that means that specific group is at least half full. Our session capacities depend heavily on how many campers are registered for a week/session so it can vary between the weeks. Once a session turns yellow, you should consider registering soon. Red means that we are within the last available spaces and that can be as low as ONE. Black is full. In the Spring, a session can quickly fill and we change the colors of the dots sometimes multiple times within a day! We can't tell you specific numbers for a session on the website's calendar, but you are welcome to call and ask. (Unless you are planning for multiple (4+) children or coordinating with others calling for "specific" numbers when a dot is yellow is unnecessary.) The quickest method for reserving a space is registering in Campwise! If a dot is yellow or red and you are sure you are wanting to attend camp, REGISTER!

We are on the Waitlist, what should we know?

We have a list generated of who is on the waitlist and when they joined. Once a space becomes available, we contact the family (both email and phone) to offer that space to them. In the meantime, PLEASE consider registering for another session if your schedule allows. If/when you sign up for another/additional weeks, you can let us know which of the weeks is your preference and if the space opens in your preferred week we will contact you. Please do not contact us to see if the space has opened. We can however let you know if your position number on the waitlist has changed, but if we have not yet contacted you, your space has not become available.

Are there other costs besides tuition?

a. We have a Camp Store that campers can visit during freetime for snacks, toys, games, toiletries and more. The average camp store deposit for campers is $50.

b. For campers staying more than one consecutive week at camp, there is a "Stayover weekend fee". This is $150.

c. We have a full time photography team who takes pictures of our campers all week long! If you are interested in buying those photos, a camp photo flash drive is $25.

d. For campers who are flying into/out of the St. Louis airport for a camp session, there are shuttle fees starting at $85 (incoming) and $100 (outgoing). Read about Transportation here.

Which weeks are "Animal Camp", "Vet Camp", or "Science Camp"?

ALL of Cub Creek is Vet Camp, Animal Camp, Science Camp, and more ! Our campers have access to ALL 100+ activities in all the different subject matters and interests. By signing up for Cub Creek, you have given your child the ability to do it all!

Once I pick a week, am I locked into it?

No! We allow campers to move between weeks without a moving fee! You are able to to move all payments made toward your original week(s) to the new week(s). After April 1 tuition needs to be paid in full in order to move to a different week.

The session we want is black, what do I do?

Log into Campwise and add yourself to that session's waitlist! You are able to do that yourself once a session is black. You will not be told what position you are on the waitlist, but you will see that your camper's week status says "Waitlist". In the meantime, we HIGHLY suggest that you sign up for another open week of camp.

What is the Stay Over Weekend Fee?

The fee of $150 is weekend tuition to cover meal, supervision, and laundry over the weekend. Since all weeks of camp are now available as single weeks, each weekend has designated/assigned staff who will be staying at camp for the weekend to supervise campers and run specific programming for the campers staying into another week.

What is "Junior" or "Senior"?

At Cub Creek, campers are divided into two age groups to help us with activity/class sizes and assigning cabins. Juniors are campers who are 7 to 11 years old and who have finished up to 5th grade before the start of their camp session. Seniors are 12 to 17 years old and have finished at least 6th grade prior to their camp session. When registering your child for camp, Campwise may present you with the option to choose "Junior" or "Senior" if your child is 11. If they will have finished the 5th grade prior to camp, you should select "Junior"; If they will have finished the 6th grade, you should pick "Senior".

Can I sign up just for a weekend?

No. The Stayover weekends are for campers staying multiple weeks at camp.

What are the chances a space opens off the waitlist?

It's hard to give a standard answer for this, but most times the waitlist is flexible. We have families who alter their weeks relatively often due to schedule changes or preferences. This allows for small/random openings in sessions that are black. If a session is black early in the new year (January- March) chances are higher for a space to open. The closer we get to the summer, the less likely the chances are.

What happens if I need to cancel our Registration?

To cancel your Registration, you need to call our main office. 573-458-2125. Deposits will not be refundable, but depending on when you cancel you may be eligible for a refund on the rest of tuition. Read our full policy on refunds here.

Camp Insurance

Camp Tuition Insurance is highly recommended to help protect your investment in your child’s tuition cost. Check out your available plans including "Cancel For Any Reason" options. Click here to check out your options.

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