Internship Opportunities

Bear River Ranch and Cub Creek offers unique and rewarding internship experiences for students and recent graduates in a variety of subjects. For those looking for ANIMAL Internships, please read about our Animal Care Internships. And for those looking for an internship opportunity in EDUCATION, SCIENCE, RECREATION, and more, read about our Summer Internship Opportunities.

Animal Care Internships

Internship - Animal Interns feeding baby Patagonian Cavies - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

We offer both Fall and Spring Semester Internships for Animal Care. These positions are for those who would like hand-ons experience in animal care as they are responsible for taking care of our camp's animals in the off-season months. Fall internships span the months of August to December; Spring internships cover the months of January to May.* Dates are flexible allowing for interns to adjust with a school/graduation schedule or to have a longer stay.

Our internships in animal care provide an incredible amount of hands-on learning that other facilities cannot match. Interns are directly responsible for the care of our animals. During their rounds, interns are feeding, giving water, and checking on each individual animal. Additional duties include: daily food preparation for the animals; maintaining enclosures' cleanliness and safety: making and giving enrichment; monitoring behavior and medical needs on daily logs, etc. * Our interns are paid and provided on-site housing.

Minimum Requirements for Animal Interns

Our animal interns work incredibly hard. In the summer, our animal team has help from camp staff and our incredible ASITs. But in the off-season, all 300 of camp's animals are under the care of a small team of 4. As you can imagine that requires individuals to be organized, passionate, and dedicated. We do not require prior animal experience, but all intern applicants should be willing to work hard to provide the best care for camp's animal family.

All applicants should be able to meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age or older and able to work in the United States. Bear River Ranch and Cub Creek Inc. hires employees who are at least 18 years of age who have graduated from high school or earned their GED (or equivalent). We require paperwork and proof that you are able to work in the United States.
  • Be physically able to work with animals. Animal care work requires repetitive bending and lifting. Our interns should be able to life and carry bags of feed up to 50lbs. Interns also should not have allergies to animals that would prevent them from working with a large number of camp's animals.
  • Be Independent. All Interns are expected to be self motivated and goal oriented. As mentioned before, interns are responsible for a large number of camp's animals. Each intern should be able to handle their assigned animals and notice when enclosures need cleaning or maintenance.

It is our goal for all interns to leave our facility with skills and experience that help them towards their goals and all future endeavors. In order for this to happen, interns must be able to work well with their intern team and supervisors; be willing to listen and learn from those who have constructive feedback and tips for them; and be able to develop a skill set that allows them to work quickly while being extremely efficient and pay close attention to detail.

Education Internships

All camp counselors are instructors for our camp activities! Those looking to get experience in education are in the right place at Cub Creek! Our camp activities are intended to engage campers curiosity and allow them to explore things of their interest. Instructors are encouraged to be creative educators and grow their own curiosity in our structured camp activities. Beyond teaching activities, counselors are given opportunities to lead some of our "early bird" and "night owl" activities. These are open for creativity and allow our counselors the opportunity to implement their own knowledge and interests to lead a unique activity for our campers!

We also believe that is merit in the "counselor" experience for those looking to go into the education field. Working with children on the level that we do here at camp is helpful for learning patience, empathy and problem-solving skills. These are all wonderful assets for teachers!

Internships During the Summer

Cub Creek offers a great opportunity for students to qualify for internship credit while gaining valuable job experience. Internship credit has been earned for Education, Animal Science, Recreation, and even Music.

While we are happy to help make camp an option for those interested, our priority is the happiness, well being, and experience of all our campers. Your most important duties as a camp counselor include your campers and your job. And we have seen many past employees make a summer internship with us, work while being fantastic counselors! The key to making this work, is to tailor your summer camp experience to meet your internship qualifications. To make an internship work this summer:

  • Get a copy of the internship requirements from your school adviser. It's important for you and camp to know what exactly you will need to be able to fulfill your internship requirements.

  • Complete our online Summer Staff Application. After filling out the application, send an email to us at letting us know that you are interested in trying to make an internship work during your summer. During your interview, please be sure to bring up your goals for an internship so we can discuss it with you!

We are eager to discuss ways to tailor your camp experience to meet your internship requirements. We know that many schools require internships to graduate and we think working at summer camp is an experience everyone should have. So we want to make it work!