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"Adopt an Animal" from Camp all year long with our Animal Sponsorships! You can be the "Adoptive Parent " of one of camp's animals with a small contribution in their name. Your sponsorship will help pay for the food, care and enrichment for the animals at Bear River Ranch.

Sponsor an Animal for as low as $10!

You can sponsor any of our camp animals with a one-time donation starting at just $10! This goes a long way for our animals and can support us in getting them something new/unique for the diet or new enrichment! Your donation can even help us in big projects like habitat updates and building new enclosures! Donations are considered a "Annual Sponsorship" but you are welcome to donate more than once a year 😉

All Donations Include

  • Recognition on our website.

Donations of $300 & over:

All donations of $300 or more include an Ultimate Animal Encounter for you and one friend!

Animal Sponsorship Form

This form is only used to submit Animal Sponsorship forms, please call us at 573-458-2125 for us to take your payment and complete your transaction. This form is only monitored: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. If your order has yet to be processed please wait until the following business day.

Sponsor Information

This is the name of the person, camper, child, family etc who is recognized as the sponsor for this animal.
Donations start at $10
This is the address to which Sponsorship rewards are being mailed to.

Final Details

We will be contacting you shortly to confirm your sponsorship and arrange payment. If you have any questions regarding your sponsorship, please contact our office at 573-458-2125.