Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Working at Camp?

We've gathered some of our commonly asked questions here for you!

What Are the camp dates for Staff?

Camp Staff begin their time with us at Staff Training. The dates for Staff Training are posted on the "Application Page" of our website. Staff should be able to attend all of in-person staff training; This is an important time for meeting your fellow camp staff and learning about your responsibilites and the expectations of camp. Staff should also be prepared to stay for all ten weeks of camper's camp through the weekend. Our camp staff contracts begin with staff training and end the Sunday after camp is over for campers. Summer 2024 will run May 19 - August 11.

How will I travel to camp?

You can drive, take a bus, train, fly, whatever! We can pick up anyone from the bus station in Rolla, Missouri and we schedule pick ups from the St Louis International airport.

Can I bring my dog?

We're sorry to say that due to the nature of our program and facility, we cannot have staff's pets here at camp.

Do counselors get to chose their prefered camper age?

Counselor certainly get to tell us their preferences when interviewing, but we will be assigning counselors to cabins based on where we think they will best fit.

Can my friends apply, too?

Yes! If your friends are passionate about animals, science, nature and they are excited about spending a summer with children, tell them to check us out! Ask us about our referral bonus during your interview.

How do I get to work with the animals?

All counselors are instructors and those interested in animals may be teaching animal related activities to our campers. Instructor positions are based on knowledge of the area and shown interest in the subject. Positions where you are taking care of our animals (Animal Specialists) are reserved for those who have worked with us in a previous summer or internship. If you are interested in working with animals, be sure to bring it up in your interview for conversation. Our counselors do get to spend time with animals duing the days of camp, but campers happiness and healthiness is their first priority.

What will I be doing as a Counselor?

Counselors are our primary care-takers for campers. As a team, the counselors in a cabin focus on the health and happiness of the 16 campers of their cabin. They are there to guide campers in having a wonderful camp experience and role model maturity, fairness, and kindness. They live in-cabin with campers and are there to get them up and ready for the day and get them settled down at night. During the day, they spend time leading camp's activities as instructors or assisting in those activities. That is a general overview of the job, to read more , check out the "Thinking About A Summer Job" page.

Do I have to work for the entire Summer?

Short answer : no. But it is *highly* preferred. We have available positions for partial summer positions, and they depend on your experience with our camp or summer camp in general. Applications allow you to select how long you are looking to work with/for us and it will be discussed in your interview. If you will have graduated highschool the same summer that you are working for us, you will be applying as a Junior Counselor. These positions are ones that allow you to work partial summers and have alternative training options to fit your busy summer.

Where do counselors stay at camp?

Counselors live in cabins with campers. All our cabins are air conditioned and have in cabin bathrooms. They are spacious and modern! You can read more about cabins here and check out pictures of them in our photo gallery. The counselor area is semi-private area that has 2 bunk beds allowing for 4 staff to sleep in a cabin. Staff have personal cabinets next to their beds, larger cabinets for clothing, and under bunk storage.

What is the food like?

You can read about camp meals here. You should expect to eat meals in the dining hall 3 times a day. If you have restrictions in your diet, we ask that you prepare to discuss that in your interview with us. If you are hired, for foods we cannot accomodate, you will be asked to provide your own supplementary items.

Will I get days off?

Yes! Each staff member has a 21-hour off during the camp week and each day will have a 2 hours of scheduled breaks. Please note, all positions require working 7 days per week.

I need an Internship this summer. Could this be one?

We are happy to work with our camp staff to aid them in meeting an internship requirement if possible. We ask that all staff understand both the requirements and expectations of being a camp counselor/staff and their full requirements of their internship. If both requirements can be met, then we can make it work! Read more about Internships here and read camp counselor requirements here.

How much will I get paid?

Pay is individually negotiated with each applicant and written in the camp contracts. Base pay starts at $4000 with a $100 camp store credit for a full-summer contract. It's important to be honest in your interview about your salary needs so that we can work with you to acheive your goal. We also offer a referral bonus for referring campers and staff to camp.

What previous experience is required?

We require no previous summer camp experience for our summer camp counselors! We love if you have worked at a camp before or attended camp as a child, but we believe that camp can enter anyone's life at any time. If you are looking for leadership position or partial summer, we will give preference to those who have previous experience.

Do I need to have a car to work there?

No! All our camp staff live on property, so you will not be required to travel by car. You are welcome to bring a car to camp for your days off, but having a car is not something you *need*. Typically, staff without their own vehicle get rides into town with other staff and we have scheduled trips and outings each week.

Can I take vacation?

All requests for days off must be made prior to camp. Weddings, family vacations, school required visits must be approved prior to the summer. Any vacation or additional time-off that is requested during the camp season can not be guaranteed. In all cases, pay will be adjusted time not worked.

What is the typical daily schedule at camp?

You can read about a typical day at camp here. This is the schedule for campers Monday through Friday all summer. Counselors help get their campers to places on time, leading activities during the periods, and with their campers at meal times and evening activities.

I haven't graduated highschool yet, can I work at camp?

All camp counselors must have graduated high school (or have a GED). Recent graduates who have not gone to college yet are eligible to apply to the Junior Counselor Program. Read about Junior Counselor here.