Register for camp today!

Below you will find two options for starting a Cub Creek registration. Please do not do both! If you are wondering the difference between the two , read more below the boxes.


Register here directly in Campwise!

The button below will take you to CampWise, our Camper Registration Database. There, you can immediately secure your spot for camp! This is also where you will make payments and fill out paperwork.


Short on time? Start a Camp Registration in 5 minutes!

The button below will take you to our internal Registration Form. You will submit the necessary information we need to help you start your camper's Registration going for this summer.

If you experience any trouble or if you prefer to register with us over the phone, give us a call! (573) 458-2125

Which Option Should I Choose?

Any of the options work for us! But if you are wondering which would be best, consider the following:

CAMPER REGISTRATION / "Register/Login- Campwise"
* If you're worried about space in the session of your interest, choose the "Register/Login- Campwise" option under CAMPER REGISTRATION. This takes you to Campwise, our camper database, and you'll immediately be able to save your camper's space with a deposit.
* If you have the time, the "Register/Login- Campwise" is a good option so that you can get familiar with Campwise.

QUICK REGISTRATION/ "Start a Registration"
* If you are looking to quickly get started because you're short on time, choose the "Start a Registration" button under Quick Registration. This sends our office necessary information for us to start your camper's registration in Campwise.
* We do not suggest using QUICK REGISTRATION if you are concerned about the availability in the session of your interest. Instead, register directly in Campwise using the "Register/Login- Campwise" option under CAMPER REGISTRATION or call our office.
* If you are a Returning Family, you are welcome to choose this option! Once we get your Quick Registration, we will sign your camper up for the sessions of your choice in Campwise. You can then log into Campwise and pay your deposit. We enter Quick Registrations immediately upon receiving them, so if you submitted it between 8 am and 5 pm (Monday- Friday), it should be in your Campwise account same day.
* If you are a New Family, when you submit this form , we will be planning to speak with you over the phone. Either when we call you or you call us, you we will complete your registration in Campwise with a deposit and walk you through next steps.

Please do not do both options. If you submit a Quick Registration, please do not start a Registration in Campwise (New Families/Campers) or sign your child up for a week in Campwise (Returning Families).