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The REGISTER buttons on this page will take you to CampWise, our Camper Registration Database. There, you can secure your spot for camp! Campwise is also where you will make payments and fill out camp paperwork.

If you experience any trouble or if you prefer to register with us over the phone, give us a call! (573) 458-2125 . You can also get a Registration started with us via email! Send our main office an email ( and let us know the full name of your camper, and which session(s) you would like to sign them up for. **email registration is only available for returning campers**

General FAQs for Registration

Read below for some answers to commonly asked Registration questions.

What is included in the Cost of Camp?

Tuition costs include housing, meals for each day of camp and access to all our activities. When you register for Cub Creek, tuition covers our amazing camp experience, but it also accounts for our modern cabins with air-conditioning, multiple in-cabin bathrooms, up to 4 staff per cabin, and spacious bunks rooms.

What is a "Deposit"?

In order to hold a space in camp, a deposit of $100 is required. All deposits are non-refundable. All deposits are non-transferrable to another camper or to another summer. Deposits may be moved to a different session in the same summer. To read more about our refund policy and deposits, click here.

What is "Junior" or "Senior"?

At Cub Creek, campers are divided into two age groups to help us with activity/class sizes and assigning cabins. Juniors are campers who are 7 to 11 years old and who have finished up to 5th grade before the start of their camp session. Seniors are 12 to 17 years old and have finished at least 6th grade prior to their camp session. When registering your child for camp, Campwise may present you with the option to choose "Junior" or "Senior" if your child is 11. If they will have finished the 5th grade prior to camp, you should select "Junior"; If they will have finished the 6th grade, you should pick "Senior".

How do I sign up for "Vet Camp", "Animal Camp", or "Science Camp" ?

ALL of Cub Creek is Vet Camp, Animal Camp, Science Camp, and more ! Our campers have access to ALL 100+ activities in all the different subject matters and interests. By signing up for Cub Creek, you have given your child the ability to do it all!

Do I pay for camp all up front?

No! All that is needed to get a Registration locked in place is a $100 deposit. Payment for Registrations are due April 1. You can make payments leading up to camp in whatever method works best for you. You can set up automatic payments through Campwise, you can call in periodically to make payments, you can send in checks, or you can choose to make one final payment on April 1st.

What is a Cabin Request?

Some campers attend camp with a friend OR maybe your child made a friend in a previous summer and wants to be in a cabin with them again! In this case, you can make a "Cabin Request" within Campwise. In order for us to help match campers, please input a childs FULL name (first and last) and try not to only use nicknames. We try our best to match all cabin requests for campers. To read more about cabin requests and how we assign cabins, click here. Cabin Requests are not required! And we ENCOURAGE campers to come to camp regardless if they have someone who would attend with them. We have many first time campers who do not come with friends in their first year.

Should I pick Activites in Campwise, too?

No, you do not pick camp activities in Campwise. Campers pick their activities for camp during their first day after parents have left. If you would like to help prepare your camper for camp, you can go through our various activities on our website and start helping them decide which activities they are interested in. They can then bring a list of those activites to camp! Their counselors will help them in building their camp schedule.

I'm having trouble logging into Campwise.

If you experience any issues with logging into Campwise, please call us! 573-458-2125 Please do not make a second or different account for your camper if you know you already have a log in. We are not able to see your password, but we can reset your existing account to allow you access again. We are able to help with other issues you may run into including uploading documents, viewing multiple campers, etc. If you are having those issues, give us a call!

Can I reserve a space without paying a deposit?

No. In order to hold a space for anyone a deposit is required. In Campwise, you will notice that a camper is "enrolled" before the deposit is paid. If your camper is "enrolled" status, their space is not being reserved/held.

Are there other costs besides tuition?

We have a Camp Store that campers can visit during freetime for snacks, toys, games, toiletries and more. The average camp store deposit for campers is $50. For campers staying more than one consecutive week at camp, there is a "Stayover weekend fee". This is $150. We have a full time photography team who takes pictures of our campers all week long! If you are interested in buying those photos, a camp photo flash drive is $25. For campers who are flying into/out of the St. Louis airport for a camp session, there are shuttle fees starting at $85 (incoming) and $100 (outgoing). Read more about transport here.

I need to change weeks- how do I do that ?

To switch camper weeks, you can call, email, or use our chat feature to let us know where we can move your camper's registration. You are not able to move a camper's week on your own in Campwise. When you email or chat, please give your full name and your camper's full name along with the week they are currently in and the week you are hoping to move to. If you leave us a voicemail, let us know the same information and we will send you an email confirmation letting you know when it is done.

How do I cancel my Registration?

To cancel your camper's registration, you will need to call the office. Please be aware of camp's cancellation policy.