Camper Correspondence

We work hard to provide ways for families to stay connected with their children while they're at camp. We post newsletters and hundreds of pictures each day. Allowing families to read about and experience the daily events of camp. Family and friends, can send notes and packages to campers through our CubNotes system and regular mail delivery. Read more below on how communication with your camper while they're at camp works. We encourage every campers to write home at least once. Other wise, writing home is completely optional; and because email are sent during the free period and there are so many fun choices during free time, it is not uncommon for campers to simply be having too much fun to stop and right home.

Sending Mail to Your Camper

Leading up to camp you will receive access to the Parent Portal where you can order care packages, view photos, and send Cub Notes to your camper. Cub Notes are printed at 9:30 am and handed out to campers at 1pm during lunch. Please keep in mind that campers are able to email you back at 12pm during their free time and receive letters after so give them a day to respond to your letters. Parents can also leave letters and care packages on the office porch during drop off, bring mail to camp during the week, or send mail through the post office. Our mail runs slow at camp, so we recommend that if you're sending mail to camp that you send it a week prior to your camper attending.

Receiving Mail from your Camper

Campers have the ability to physically write notes to be scanned and sent, email you at our computer cafe, or mail letters through the post office. Hand written letters from campers will be scanned and sent twice daily by the office. Campers can go to the computer cafe during their free time to send an email home. Make sure that your emails are correct during check-in. Campers are only allowed to send emails to emails on the approved list. Campers can also send physical mail while they're at camp, we encourage families to send pre-addressed letters with their camper if they want physical mail sent.