Camper Correspondence

We work hard to provide ways for families to stay connected with their children while they're at camp. We post newsletters and hundreds of pictures each day. Allowing families to read about and experience the daily events of camp. Family and friends, can send notes and packages to campers through our BunkNotes system or through our care package and regular mail delivery. Campers will have printed copies of BunkNotes delivered to them each day at lunch. Campers can reply to your emails, using our computer café during their free period. Parents who prefer, can send their camper a BunkReply. This specially designed stationary is for campers to write letters, which are then delivered home, via email.

The following links help you stay connected with your camper this summer!

Camper Correspondence - Animal Enthusiast Care Package - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

Care Packages

We encourage friends and family to stay in touch with campers with mail! You have options when it comes to Care Packages at camp. You can make your own and bring them to Drop-Off day/or put them in the mail. We also offer Care Packages here at camp. You may select one that we have already put together, or make one yourself! You may also choose singular items to have sent to your camper during their stay. We are now offering Care Package order ONLINE!

Camper Correspondence - Opening Campfire session photos - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

Session Photos

Camp has a team of full-time photographers, who take thousands of pictures each week. They strive to capture every moment of camp! Their pictures are uploaded to a private photo gallery multiple times a day. Parents are given access to the Photo Gallery through Bunk1's website. At the end of each session we sell a 15GB thumb drive with a copy of every picture that we have taken for that session. The button below will take you to the session photos at Bunk1.

Camper Correspondence - Email a Camper - Happy Camper in hammocks - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

Email A Camper

For camper e-mails, Cub Creek uses BunkNotes from Through this site, you can send your camper emails and stationery to write you back! When you send a message to your camper using Bunk1, it will be delivered at lunch each day. With Bunk1 you are in control of who sends your camper mail while they are with us. The button below takes you to Bunk1 to send an Email to a Camper.