Statement of Faith and Religious Purpose

Scott and Lori Martin are the owners of Cub Creek Inc. - Cub Creek Science Camp and Bear River Ranch. We are also followers of Jesus Christ and strive to live our lives in a manner that is consistent with the precepts and doctrine of our faith. For us, science is a tool that we use to answer questions and substantiate many biblical truths. Our faith is grounded solely in the Bible. Therefore, Cub Creek Science Camp is run according to Biblical principles. We will always attempt to love our neighbors as ourselves and to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, by serving and teaching all visitors with love and truth.

CCSC will encourage a love of science and our lessons will focus on observational science - data and facts.

There are things observational science can not conclude, such as:
*The origin of matter
*How life began
*The age of the universe, the earth, or fossils
*The relationship between living and extinct organisms
*The evolution from one animal type to another
These topics are tied into an individual’s worldview. At Cub Creek, when scientific opinions and/or historical science are discussed, how a persons worldview will effect how their interpret the factsthey will include the biblical worldview.

Unfortunately, some of the most popular scientific opinions are often presented as unquestionable facts. This leads to disagreements based not in fact, but in one’s personal worldview. It’s our goal at camp to encourage a love of science, teach the difference between facts and opinions and maintain a respectful and welcoming environment; Our camp is be a place where we model how to live in peace with one another, by modeling kindness and avoiding foolish arguments (Romans 12:18,2 Timothy 2:23-24).

Camp’s role is not to change a person’s beliefs, but rather to help grow knowledge, based on facts. In addition to all the fun facts learned at camp, we want to help campers understand how a person's worldview affects how they interpret the data. While the data may not change, the conclusion reached from interpretation of the data does change based on a person's worldview. Therefore data interpretations based on a Biblical worldview and naturalist worldview may be compared and contrasted for educational purposes. Cub Creek is a camp welcoming to campers and staff from all backgrounds and worldviews. We look forward to providing campers with an unforgettable camp experience, full of fun activities, great friends, and amazing animal encounters.

~ Scott and Lori Martin