Current Openings

Summer Camp Jobs

We are currently hiring to fill positions for our summer 2022 season. We have three types of positions that we hire for, each one is vital to a successful summer season. Our greatest need is for staff who want to work directly with our campers, being a mentor, role model, teacher and friend.

Leadership Team (staff supervision)
Village Leaders
Program Supervision

Camper Team (working directly with our campers)
Camp Counselors and Activity Instructors

Support Team (working as support staff (behind the scenes)
Camp Store
Health Lodge

Current Openings - New Staff - Finger star - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

Summer Staff Application

Before Applying For a Summer Position

** Please take some time to read up on ALL the information regarding working for us at camp before applying!

** You can read about Basic Qualifications, Expectations of the Job, and other need-to-know information on the "Thinking About a Summer Job" page.

** Read our Camp Owners' Statement of Faith and Religious Purpose.

** We offer full summer and 1/2 summer positions with Seven days of staff training to help prepare you to be the best staff you can be. Our full summer runs May 26 - August 14, 2022. Our 1/2 summer positions run: May 26th - July 9th or July 8 - Aug 14.

** When applying, fill out the application completely and read it over for accuracy! We are looking for applicants who present themselves as mature, responsible, and professional.

** If you have questions, please call us or send us an email! (573)458-2125 or

Animal Internships & Volunteers

    Fall Internships

  • August to December

    Spring Internships

  • January to May

  • Previous experience is not required, but is preferred.
    We do not have Animal Internships positions for the Summer.

Current Openings - Animal Internship - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

Animal Internship

    Part-time Volunteer

  • Minimum 4 hours a week

Full-time Volunteer

  • Minimum 8 hours a week

  • Previous experience is not required, but is preferred.
    We do not have Volunteer opoortunities during the Summer.

    Current Openings - Volunteer - Sunrise over camp - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp