Junior Veterinarian Course

The Junior Veterinarian Course at Cub Creek Science Camp, more commonly called Junior Vet, is a week long activity, developed especially for kids who have goals of becoming a Veterinarian. This is an introductory course where campers will learn through hands-on activities and practice skills that are required to prevent, diagnose and treat the injuries and illness in animals. Campers will listen to the heart, lungs and intestines of a variety of animals; learn how to identify internal, as well as external parasites; look at and use x-rays to diagnose problems; draw and give injections; and even how to tie a suture! Once each week, campers may sit inside our very own Surgery Room and observe as our Veterinarian completes spays, neuters and other routine surgeries. At the end of the week campers will receive a certificate of completion for this course. Completion of this course is the prerequisite for our Advanced Junior Veterinarian Course.

Things to Consider When Comparing Veterinary Camps for Kids

There are many options when it comes to giving children the exposure and skill set in the Veterinarian field. Our Vet camp is unique for many reasons beginning with the number and types of animals that campers are exposed to is second to none. We don't just have dogs and cats. Nor just have farm animals. We have all these and more! What sets our program apart from all others is our variety of animals, actual hands-on activities, concepts covered, and fun environment!

Junior Vet - Camper examining x-rays - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

Developed by a Vet for Aspiring Vets

Dr. Jessie Melton, worked at Cub Creek Science Camp when she was an undergraduate and helped to write the lesson plans used for our Jr. Vet and Advanced Jr. Vet courses. After graduating Missouri State University and obtaining her license to practice Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Melton returned to Rolla and remains a close friend to camp. Her expertise in this field allows us to best give the most enriching experience for our campers. Each course, whether it is our Junior Vet or Advanced Junior Vet, has been developed with our campers in mind. Daily classes are all hands-on and focus on real life applications and skills.

Advanced Junior Vet

Our Advanced Junior Vet is the second level of skill building for our campers. In this course campers will review the skills learned in the introductory course and work to develop their animal handling and assessment skills. Campers will learn to hold, halter, transport and restrain animals in order to conduct a proper examination. They will learn to measure and record vital signs as well as complete the math necessary for calculating proper medication doses. The Advanced Course requires campers to have taken our Junior Veterinarian course prior to participation.

Junior Vet - Surgery day - campers ask veterinarian questions - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp
Junior Vet - Class examining x ray - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp
Junior Vet - Camper receives Jr. Vet certification of completion - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

Guaranteed for Everyone!

While other courses offered at Cub Creek may be limited in spaces, Jr. Vet and Advanced Jr. Vet are two guaranteed courses for all our campers. We know that many campers come to our camp for these exact activities, so we have prepared enough Instructors and materials to accommodate as many campers as possible. The Jr. Vet activities are offered multiple times a day all summer long, so everyone has a chance to learn!