Cub Creek Scholarship Application

Thank you for your interest in Cub Creek Science Camp! Below is our application for camp scholarships. Please be sure to read our disclaimers at the bottom of the form to learn about scholarship timelines, awarding of scholarships, and our terms.

We would like to be able to provide as many scholarships as possible for as many children as we can. Please be truthful to the best of your knowledge so that the scholarship fund will stretch as far as possible for many children.
For all the options above, we will send you more information if you are interested!

Scholarship Disclaimers

Scholarships for first year families will be rewarded no sooner than May 15th. On May 15th, we will start contacting families regarding the status of their scholarship receipt. Scholarships for returning families will be awarded on April 30th. /// By filling out this form, we are not guaranteeing receipt of scholarship. Cub Creek Inc has a non-profit branch that supplies funds for our scholarship recipients. In order to help as many families as possible, we must evaluate the needs of each family submitting a form to see how much help we can provide. /// By signing up to receive a camp scholarship, you forfeit the ability to reserve a space in a session of your choosing. If you would like to reserve a space, you will have to pay a deposit of $100 and you are agreeing to pay camp's full tuition. However, if you choose to reserve your spot by paying a deposit, you are able to "earn money towards camp" by other means. See: Spread the Word Campaign/// For questions regarding Scholarships please email