Our summer camp staff gives our Program Director a “Recommendation” for all of our eligible campers (going into at least the 9th grade in the Fall). Based on those recommendations and each camper’s participation in ASIT for a Day, LIT, and a written letter of Interest our Assistant Director will compile a list of invites for the coming summer’s ASIT Program. Because there are only 16 spots in each week for male and female ASITs, and because many ASITs return to the program, the list of invites is highly selective. Campers who have stellar recommendations from our camp staff, have taken LIT and ASIT for a Day AND received outstanding recommendations from those instructors, wrote a Letter of Interest and who in their time/years at camp an ability to follow and uphold camp rules, can be trusted with more freedom and independence, and who have shown great potential for the program are invited first. The end of the invitation process is signaled with an email to all our eligible aged families letting them know invitations are done for the year.

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