Our most popular courses like Jr. Vet, Adopt an Animal, and Amazing Animals, haveĀ no maximum! This means, each camper who wishes to be in those three courses is guaranteed to be able to take these courses! We know that many campers come to camp to enjoy those specific activities so we have designed them to be able to handle a large number of campers and we have planned for them to be offered multiple times. We also train staff the most in these to be able to provide them to more campers. With some of our other activities, safety or space requires the course to remain capped at a certain number. We try our best to get all campers into the classes and courses they came to camp for, adding supervisors or changing the schedule is a possibility when needed. The best advice we can offer is to send your camper with a list of the activities they want to do while at camp. This way their counselors can have a visual to help them get into the activities they want. We also know this is easier said than done, but encourage your campers to feel empowered to speak up for themselves. We are determined to help every camper have the experience they are expecting!

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