Courses and classes are the names given to the camp activities that campers choose for their activity periods each day. Each camper will choose two courses for each week at camp and two classes for each day of camp.

Courses are activities that campers participate in all week long. If a camper signs up for the chemistry course, for example, each day at the same time she will meet with the chemistry instructors and the same group of campers who also signed up for chemistry. During this course, she will make flubber, create giant bubbles, and make a rainbow in a jar, as well as other fun experiments that will help her understand more about states of matter, compounds, mixtures, etc.

Classes are activities that change daily. If a camper did not sign up for the weeklong chemistry course, he would still be able to participate in one or more of our chemistry classes, such as a 1-hour class on flubber or giant bubbles.

In our Activity Periods section under Camp Activities, you will note symbols next to the Classes and Courses of camp. These will better help you navigate all the activities our campers can enjoy. Read more HERE

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