2020 Summer Team

Welcome to the Team! We’re so excited to be building our 2020 Cub Creek Team and that YOU will be a part of it! Working at camp will be unlike anything you have ever done before. This is likely to be the most challenging, yet rewarding, summer you’ve ever had. It's definitely hard to be a 24/7 role model, but the experiences you will have this summer will be more than worth the long days!

This page is a portal to everything you need prior to starting at camp with us. You can find answers to questions, work on paperwork and pre-camp training, and even contact us! Don't forget there is a staff community growing in the Private Facebook Group, too! So use all the resources you need to get ready for this summer.

Remember, we are here for you! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or to clarify anything.

2019 Summer Team - Staff pirate theme day - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp

Staff Manual

The Staff Manual is your best insight into camp prior to the summer. It was written for you by someone who has once been in the shoes you are about to walk in! Read this manual, it will help you! Also... you will be quizzed on its contents 😉


Each counselor over the summer will be an Instructor of some of camp’s activities. DON’T WORRY! We will be training everyone on what they will be teaching during our 2-weeks of Staff Training. No previous experience is needed for anything we lead at camp, but it is helpful! Start reading up on what you can be teaching this summer.

Camp Paperwork

In order to work with us, you are required to fill out paperwork for proof for employment. This paperwork includes tax information, proof that you can work in the US, and other things we MUST have prior to campers arriving. *International staff, be mindful the paperwork process is a little different for you.* ALL PAPERWORK IS DUE BY MAY 1st.

Staff Training

Your time with us will start in May with Staff Training! This two week, in depth, camp crash course will bring you up to speed on all things Cub Creek! We will get you familiar with the camp team and facility, teaching you about working with children, and training you on the activities you will be leading.Staff Training begins on SUNDAY, MAY 17th, 2020.

Online Training

We use a specialized Online Training service for all our camp staff. This is another way we allow for our counselors to become more comfortable and prepared prior to campers arriving. Videos are REQUIRED and MUST be done prior to the start of staff training.

2019 Summer Team - Ropes course staff - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp
2019 Summer Team - Male counselor having fun with campers - Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp