Gap Year Policies and Procedures

Bear River Ranch and Cub Creek Science Camp provides students a unique gap year experience with a focus on animal husbandry. This page is intended to give insight to policies all Gap Year students should be aware of prior to their time with us including information regarding conduct and housing. There is also information relating to payments, refunds, and possible needs for dismissal from the program. Please be sure to read this page in full. * Gap Year students will be given a manual prior to their program start date. They will also be given more policies, procedures, and information relating to working and living with us at the Ranch. *

Expectations for Participants

Participants of our Gap Year program will be considered as a part of our small but mighty team here at Bear River Ranch. Each member of our team has their own responsibilities relating to their varyious roles, but we all adhere to the same code of conduct and expectations. As a Gap Year Student, you should professionally and personally expect to:

Work 40 hours per week on a structured schedule. Gap Year Students are expected to report on time to their assigned locations according to their assigned schedules. It is possible schedules may vary for holidays, unplanned happenings, or veterinary visits.
Meet with your mentor bi-weekly to assess performance and set goals. A student's progress is evaluated regularly- their areas of success and areas that need improvement will be discussed often and will never be an element of surprise.
Work on personal resume' and goals for jobs or further education after your Gap-Year program with us. It is our goal to set up participants for success while in this program. Part of that includes giving students resources to build their CV/resume', and guidence in creating a plan for the future.
Show interest and enthusiasm for your responsibilities. Participants in our program are expected to contribute to a healthy and positive work environment. Their interest and enthusiasm should be evident through their positive attitude, prompt completeion of tasks/projects/activities and respect for supervisors and peers.
Live a healthy lifestyle. We expect all those living on the property to be responsible and maintain their health and hygiene. The Ranch is smokefree, drug-free environment.
Adhere to all Ranch/Camp Policies and procedures as outlined below.

Housing - Expectations and Rules

Housing is provided as part of the Gap Year program. All housing at Bear River Ranch is fully-furnished and ready to move in. Housing includes access to a washer and dryer on the property, Electric, Water, Sewer, Trash, Internet, Satellite TV. Specifics on available consumables (garbage bags, cleaning supplies, etc) will vary on program and may need to be supplied by the student themselves.

Students are expected to maintain the appearance of their residence as they inherit it and will be held responsible for damages done in their stay. Residents may not paint, install, remove, replace or alter wallpaper, furniture or fixtures, doors or window locks. Nor may they use nails, screws, thumb tack, tape or other devices for hanging pictures or other items on the wall or woodwork. Residents are expected to report maintenance request of any repairs needed that, if left unattended, would result in damage to the property, such as water leakage, roof, wall cracks and/or holes, termite or other insect damage, etc. Students/Residents are responsible for any and all costs of repair to the property associated with or attributable to student’s, their guest(s)’ or invitee(s)’ intentional or negligent act or omission that causes damage to camp owned property. The Ranch maintains all residences with routine maintenance and repairs as needed.

Personal belongings are brought to our property under the knowledge that we will not assume responsibility of any lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings. Personal vehicles must remain in the parking lot and may not be driven into camp. Employees, Residents, and Visitors will be held responsible for any damage done to Bear River Ranch property by his/her vehicle done. We will also not be responsible for damage done to personal vehiciles while on our property. Interns & Gap Year students are not allowed to house personal pets on the camp property.

To maintain the expectations we set forth for all our residents, we expect Gap Year students to be able to do the following:

• Keep garbage, waste and debris in proper containers and disposed of regularly.
• Keep the carpets vacuumed and hard floors swept and mopped.
• Keep the residence free from vermin including mice, ants and roaches.
• Live with others by respecting shared spaces and different living needs of others.
• Respect camp property outside of their living space (laundry rooms, vehicles, etc).

Upon arrival and departure, each student will complete an inspection of their residence with our housing coordinator. It is expected that the student will leave the residence in the same condition in which it was found.

Code of Conduct for All Residents of Bear River Ranch

We expect all of our residents to understand and follow our Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with these expectations may lead to dismissal from the program.

Individuals, while living at Bear River Ranch will adjust their personal habits and actions to the customs, policies and ideals of the program:

- All conversations with campers, guests, or employees ages 17 or younger will be of a PG rating. We remain a summer camp even when camp is not in session; we expect our residents to uphold our image when living here at our property. This includes refraining from profanity or vulgar language.
- No fraternization, intimate physical contact, flirtation or indication of such (including conversations) are allowed between staff members and/or students while under contract.
- Refrain from activities or conduct of any kind that would interfere with any camp resident or user groups enjoyment of the property. Residents of the Ranch will be mindful that this is a shared home to many. They should not act in a way that would cause others discomfort or to be offended.

Appearance and Personal Hygiene

We expect all employees and students to be mindful of their professionalism. While working and residing at Bear River Ranch, Staff and Students are expected to present themselves appropriately at all times, which includes wearing clean and camp appropriate clothing, appropriate for the weather and for the tasks being performed. Clothing should not be revealing. Tank tops, short shorts and open toed shoes are not allowed. Keeping clean hair, teeth, nails and clothing are expected.


Visitors are allowed with prior approval but must sign into the visitor log in the office before entering the property. Guests/visitors of residents should be accompanied and supervised by their invitee at all times and must follow the policies of camp in regard to dress, conduct and smoking while on camp property. Visitors must keep their vehicles in the parking lot and may not drive personal vehicles past the office. Visitors are not allowed to drive camp vehicles, including ATV’s, Mules or Rangers. Residents are financially responsible for any damage done by their visitor. Guests are not allowed to stay overnight on camp property.

Drinking, Smoking, and Drug Use

Seasonal employees and students are not allowed to have alcohol of any kind on camp property. Use of and/or possession of alcohol -including having alcohol in one’s personal vehicle is strictly forbidden and grounds for termination.

Bear River Ranch is a smoke-free environment. Employees & gap year students are not allowed to smoke, dip or vape anywhere on camp property, including our parking lot.

Use and/or possession of illegal or unprescribed drugs are strictly prohibited and ground for immediate expulsion from the property. Bear River Ranch reserves the right to request any staff/students at any time to submit to a drug screening.

Social Media & Media

Employees, interns and gap year students are welcome to take pictures of animals and camp/ranch while not working. These pictures may be shared to social media under the following expectations:
- No posts may include personal information that endangers the safety of any of our participants or residents.
- Posts may not share our name or references to our location while also violating our conduct expectations (e.g. vulgarity).
- Posts should not be slanderous to employees, peers, visitors, guests, supervisors, or camp itself.

In alignment with our expectations of our employees/participants' conduct while on our property, we expect their online presence to represent themsleves and camp in a respectful manner. It is our preference that their content be PG, but at the least we expect that content that is not PG not be in conjunction with representing us (Bear River Ranch/Cub Creek Science Camp). Adding, friend requesting, or following anyone considered by our program as a "camper" on social media is strictly off limits while working for/with us.

No staff/gap year student shall comment on any aspect of camp programs or campers/guests with any member of the media unless directed to do so by the Camp Director or Owner. Any unauthorized contact with the media regarding Cub Creek Science Camp will be grounds for immediate termination.

Fraternization & Sexual Harassment

Intimate physical contact between staff members and/or students is inappropriate while participating in any of our programs. Flirting (including conversations) either welcomed/reciprocated and discussions regarding one’s own or another person’s sexual attractions or sexual orientation is not appropriate on camp property. Such action is deemed unsuitable in our environment and may lead to a student's dismissal.

Bear River Ranch and Cub Creek Science Camp have a zero-tolerance policy regarding Sexual Harassment. This includes physical, verbal, and lewd or suggestive gestures, words or conversations. Inappropriate behavior should be immediately reported to the Director/Owner who will handle further actions.

Health & Safety

Gap Year students are required to fill out a general Medical Information Form and sign an Emergency Medical Release. All staff & gap year students under age twenty-one (21) must have written parental/guardian permission for any emergency medical treatment deemed necessary by the Camp Director. A health exam is not required, unless the staff / student will be taking prescription medication while at camp or has any physical restriction regarding their activity or work while at camp. Since students are living in a community setting, they may be required to see a doctor if the Camp Director/Owner deems it necessary for the safety of others.


Students must assume all risks (including animal bites/scratches) in connection with work at the business and the use of its facilities/equipment and hereby releases the Bear River Ranch/Cub Creek Science Camp, its owners, employees, representatives and agents for any injury, harm or damage which may befall the undersigned while providing volunteer work at the business.

Students must agree to receive vaccinations as recommended by a health care provideR in the event of a bite from a rabies vector species. If the cost is unable to be provided by the undersigned’s insurance provider, Bear River Ranch will cover the financial cost of required treatments.

Volunteers and Gap Year students are NOT covered by worker’s compensation and must carry their own health insurance.

Statement of Faith and Religious Purpose

The owners of Cub Creek Inc. - Cub Creek Science Camp, Animal Camp Jamaica and Bear River Ranch - are followers of Jesus Christ and strive to live their lives in a manner that is consistent with the precepts and doctrine of their faith, which are grounded solely in the Bible. Therefore, Cub Creek Science Camp will be run according to Biblical principles. We will always attempt to love our neighbors as ourselves and to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, by serving and teaching all visitors with love and truth. Read the full statement here.

Participants of any Bear River Ranch Program should read, understand, and whether they share the same view or not be respectful of the owner's views.

Grounds For Dismissal

This section outlines the reasons that may cause termination of position or being asked to leave the Gap Year Program. The following are our standard grounds for dismissal, but does not include situations that we do not predict.

Dismissal is viable for any employee/student who...

• Continually or deliberately fails to do the job he/she was assigned to.
• Continually or deliberately acts not in the best interests of the program, participants or program personnel.
• Jeopardizes the safety and welfare of any participant.
• Continually acts out of accordance to the rules and restrictions set out by Cub Creek Inc.'s conduct expectations.
• Physically or verbally abuses another person or animal.
• Violates our alcohol and drug policies including refusing to submit to a drug screening.
• Intentionally or continually posts material or acts in a way that violates our media and social media policies.
• Violates our policies regarding sexual harassment.

Cub Creek happily accepts all students who are willing to abide by the rules and policies of our Ranch and Camp. We try our best to make every student's experience successful. However, at our sole discretion, we reserve the right to dismiss any student, without a tuition refund, whose behavior does not comply with rules or policies; is harmful to themselves or others; and /or is not able to maintain a suitable work ethic to complete tasks

Payments, Cancellations, and Refunds

The following outlines Cub Creek Inc.'s policies as it pertains to all payments made towards program tuition and our policies regarding cancellations and refunds.

Deposit Policy

A $100 per week non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required to secure a space in the Gap Year Program. This deposit is applied to the total tuition.

Deposits will apply to a new session, should a student switch session dates with at least two months notice. If a session is switched less than 2 months prior to the start date the deposits are forfeited. Deposits apply only to the student for which they are made and may not be transferred or added to another students tuition. Under no circumstances will the deposit be transferred or refunded should a student reduce the number of weeks attending.

Payment Due Date

Tuition fee balances are due two months prior to the start of the program session. Our goal is to work with every family to our Gap Year Program possible; If an extension is needed, please give us a call so that we can discuss your options.

Late Fees

If full payment is not received within 8 weeks of your start date (and an extension has not confirmed with an email), a $250 late fee will be applied to each 5 week session. This late fee will conitnue to hold your space for a remaining three weeks. If full payment has not been received at least five weeks prior to the start of your program your deposit / tuition payments will be forfeited and your registration will be cancelled.

Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellations of a Student's Registration may be done at any time, but Refunds for a cancelled session depend on the following:

*Eight weeks before the scheduled start date: Total payment will be returned, minus the non-refundable deposit. If payment was made by credit card, a 3% credit card processing fee will apply to the refunded amount.
*Five to Eight weeks notice before the scheduled start date: Half the total payment will be returned, minus the non-refundable deposit. If payment was made by credit card, a 3% credit card processing fee will apply to the refunded amount.
*Less than five weeks before the scheduled start date: No refund is offered.

Refunds are not offered to students who have been asked to leave the program based on failure to comply with conduct, disregarding policies, or inability to perform the tasks expected of them. Please see "Reasons for Dismissal" for more information.


Tuition Insurance is highly recommended to help protect your investment in your tuition cost. While Cub Creek does not offer refunds for the Gap Year Program when cancellations occurs with less than five weeks notice, in many instances tuition insurance would be able to provide a full refund of tuition cost. Insurance is available for as little as $55 per week of camp, but must be purchased before making your final payment. Follow this link to learn more (Insure My Trip).

* Settling disputes: Any litigation regarding Cub Creek Inc must be filed in Phelps County, Missouri.